Welcome to the Bookspeed Blog! We have big plans to share so much with our customers about us as a company, trends, key books and everything in between. Here at HQ, we have a wealth of knowledge accumulated from working in the industry for over 30 years and we thought it was about time we shared it with you.  


Key themes for spring and summer 2024

5th January 2024

Ahead of the upcoming trade shows, we wanted to share the key themes that should be inspiring your product ranges for spring and summer.

Six travel trends to prepare for in 2024

3rd January 2024

To make sure you don’t miss an opportunity for a few extra sales, we’ve scanned all the travel forecast lists to uncover the trends and link them to some of the books we think will be popular too.

Inside the trend – cold-water therapy

11th December 2023

Borrowed from a centuries-old Nordic practice, cold-water plunges have more recently been adopted by plucky Brits in search of an invigorating health boost. We wanted to explore the trend and highlight some of the best books on the topic.

Our top ten books of 2023

4th December 2023

Find out our favourite books of 2023.

Best books for a Christmas Eve box

9th November 2023

Christmas Eve boxes have become a modern-day festive tradition, so we rounded up some books and products that will appeal to anyone looking for great-value items to put inside them.

Talking shop with Leisure and Culture Dundee

7th November 2023

We talked to Leisure and Culture Dundee's Paul Campbell to learn more about how he approaches retail across three heritage sites.

Inside the trend – cosycore

2nd November 2023

Hygge, coorie, comfortcore, whatever you want to call it, cosiness is the mood of the moment. Let us guide you through this trend.

More than shopping - why retail creativity has never mattered more

23rd October 2023

We share our thoughts on how creativity is the secret to retail success in a changing world.

Our guide to great gifting

17th October 2023

We asked some of our team to reflect on what makes a great gift and share the books they’d most like to give and receive.

How social media is finding new audiences for poetry

27th September 2023

Why you shouldn't overlook poetry when selecting books for your product ranges.

Christmas trends to look out for

27th September 2023

As we enter the biggest gift-buying season of the year, we round up four Christmas trends that will be influencing consumers tastes this season.

Why selling books might be a better fit than you think

1st September 2023

Are you curious about selling books but not sure where to start? Maybe you have some doubts about how successful they will be. Let us bust some myths and persuade you that book retail can be for you.