Taylor Swift’s Eras tour is expected to boost consumer spending in the UK when the megastar lands to perform in four UK cities and Dublin this summer. The event has already generated a reported $5 billion for the US economy. 

We don’t want our customers to miss out, so we’ve launched a Swifties collection, bringing together the best books and products to inspire you to tie-in to this massive event. We asked its curator Jen to tell us more about it.

Record player surrounded by books in pastel colours

Why did you want to put together a Taylor Swift themed collection?

The Eras tour will be a massive cultural event, bringing in lots of extra tourism to the host cities and towns nearby. You don’t have to be a fan to feel the impact it will have on what people are wearing, chatting about and listening to.

When I was in Melbourne, she played three nights in a row and there was an amazing atmosphere in the city. You couldn’t miss it! There were people everywhere dressed up. More than 60 extra flights were scheduled from Brisbane and Sydney just for Taylor Swift fans, so there was a huge economic boost to the city too.

What opportunities will there be for retailers?

The scale of the cultural impact of this event will translate into people wanting to own a piece of it, whether they are going to the event or not. For people who are lucky enough to have tickets, buying Taylor Swift mementos ahead of the concert will be a lovely way for people to share that pre-event excitement, especially among families and between friends. The gift-giving has potential to continue at Christmas time.  

Books in a Taylor Swift display

What were you looking for when selecting books for the collection?

For many fans, this event is a moment of togetherness and an opportunity to collectively have fun, dress up, and enjoy the music that probably shaped their childhood or teenage years. So aside from Taylor Swift related books, I wanted to look at broader themes of friendship, feminism and fashion.

Craft is a theme I wanted to capture. Taylor’s outfits are part of the experience, especially her iconic sequined bodysuit, and that inspires a culture of dressing up. Customising clothes with sequins is hugely popular among Swifties. People really go for it at her gigs!

I also included journals and diaries because Taylor Swift is known for incorporating a confessional element to her songs. It was important to consider colour too. I looked for bright bold cover shades, such as red, to tie in with her trademark lipstick look.

What titles would you like to highlight?

Purple Jacket cover for Taylor Swift LPBDI think the new Taylor Swift edition in the Little People Big Dreams series will be popular. Much of this collection is geared towards adults but that one is for kids and will make a lovely gift to give to children who are maybe being taken to their first concert.

For adults and teens, I think the Book of Taylor will do well when it comes out in June. The cover and design ties in with collage trends we’ve seen in other books coming out. The Harry Styles edition of this book has been a great seller, so we expect comparable sales for this title.

Dress up Taylor is just really fun. I like that one.

How can retailers incorporate Taylor Swift into their product ranges?

I think it will be easy to pick things that complement what you already have. But if you don’t think pop culture will fit with your collections, you could consider some of the broader themes. For example, a girls’ night-in might make a fun display. A big part of this event will be all the spin-off parties and gatherings that will be happening between friends throughout the summer. A title, such as A Table for Friends, would work nicely alongside the Bestie book to tell a lovely story.

Whether or not you’re a Swiftie, this event just makes a great excuse to add some fun and frivolity to your collections, when people definitely need some joy and escapism. And that’s what so many of our customers do brilliantly.

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