True wisdom comes with age. This is a celebration of something that only women in their later decades know: how glorious, satisfying and fun getting older can be. Whatever it is, we’ve been there, rolled our eyes and moved on. Full of funny affirmations, tongue-in-cheek mantras and sage advice from trailblazing older women, from film stars to musicians, writers to politicians. 'The friend who holds your hand and says the wrong thing is made of dearer stuff than the one who stays away' - Barbara Kingsolver.
  • Author: Wilde, Virginia
  • Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books Ltd
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication Date: 12/10/2023
  • ISBN: 9781789295764
  • B-Code: B069848
  • Illustrated: B/w illustrations
  • Pages: 160
  • Dimensions: 198x129mm