From the rare swooping osprey to the burrow-digging puffin, and the fast-diving gannet to the capering capercaillie, meet Scotland's marvellous birds in this fun picture book, packed with lively illustrations and simple, clear words. By Kate McLelland, illustrator of There Was a Wee Lassie Who Swallowed a Midgie, this is the perfect introduction to Scottish birds for young children. Is that a golden eagle soaring high above the mountains?
  • Author: McLelland, Kate
  • Publisher: Kelpies
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication Date: 16/02/2023
  • ISBN: 9781782508335
  • B-Code: B066382
  • Illustrated: Colour images
  • Pages: 24
  • Dimensions: 250x250mm