Holiday season is around the corner and with it comes an opportunity to attract new customers to your retail offering.

We’ve rounded up a few of the visitors you might expect to see this summer, plus suggestions for the books they might be looking for.

How many of these customers are familiar to you?

1. The stressed-out family

Boy reading a map

The cherished family holiday should be an opportunity to recharge, reset and make memories. Sometimes, the reality doesn’t always live up to the fantasy. Keeping different age groups entertained can be a challenge, and long journeys can take their toll on children and parents.

What you can do

Make sure your shelves are stocked with activity books to help fraught parents looking for affordable solutions for restless mini travellers. Family games can be a lifeline for nights cooped up in hotel rooms or Air BnBs.

Bestselling books or games for family travellers

Dinosaur Snap

Cover of dinosaur snap game

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Bee activity book

Cover of the Bee Activity Book

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The Extra Mile

Cover of the extra mile

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2. The outdoors adventurer

Group of people hiking in single file

Every year, travellers flock to Britain’s wild places to escape into nature. Outdoor activities, such as wild swimming, hiking, camping and climbing have soared in popularity and many people love to build their holidays around these pursuits.

What you can do

Remote places don’t always have the best wifi connectivity so books offering routes and tips for planning wild adventures will be in demand for active travellers at all skill levels.

Bestselling books for outdoor adventurers

Forager’s calendar

Forager's calendar book cover

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The Little Book for Wild Swimmers

little book of wild swimming jacket cover

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Best bike rides Great Britain

Best bike rides cover

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3. The travel show-off

Woman taking a picture of a building in Barcelona

For some travellers, getting the perfect selfie at the world’s most iconic landmarks is the highlight of any trip. Documenting every minute of a holiday on social media has become the 21st-century’s answer to the postcard. Hunting down the most photogenic backdrops in search of the perfect image is sometimes part of the fun.

What you can do

Inspire wannabe travel influencers with the best guidebooks on discovering hidden gems or bucket-list destinations. These holidaymakers always have an eye on planning the next bragworthy adventure.

Bestselling books for travel show-offs

The Great British Bucket List

Cover for great british bucket list

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Where to go and when

Where to go and when cover

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You only live once

You only live once jacket cover

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4. The Swiftie

Crowd at Taylor Swift gig

More people are building holidays around cultural events, and Taylor Swift’s Eras tour will be no exception. The event will see thousands flock to the four UK cities on the tour schedule as Swiftie mania sweeps the whole country.

What you can do

Wherever you’re based, there will be no escaping the Eras hype this summer, so you know what they say . . .if you can’t beat them, join them. Books are a straightforward way to visually connect to the occasion in your product displays.

Bestselling books for Swifties

Be More Taylor

Be more taylor book cover

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Girls support girls

Pink cover for girls support girls

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Little People Big Dreams: Taylor Swift

Purple book cover for Little People Big Dreams Taylor Swift

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5. The Cruise goer

Cruise ship on the sea

If you’re based in a UK port town or city, you’ll be no stranger to the pros and cons of receiving large influxes of cruise visitors. These holidaymakers often travel from overseas and can have significant spending power, but it’s a misconception that they are exclusively retired people. Cruise goers increasingly represent all age groups, looking to pack in multiple destinations in a single break.

What you can do

Tempt these keen sightseers with good value products that will serve as a permanent reminder of their visit. Books that reflect the culture and history of your location will always be popular. Some of these tourists will be travelling with limited baggage so include smaller, more lightweight books in your range.

Bestselling books for cruise goers

A Pocket History of Scotland

jacket cover for a pocket history of scotland

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Little Book of Irish Blessings

Little book of Irish Blessings jacket image

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Jane Foster’s London

Jane fosters london blue and read baby book cover

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